• First International Sport Social Business Lab cohort

  • Leading Youth Sport Development (LYSD)

    Supported by Jean-Luc AGBOYIBO, Basketball Player

    Education programme using basketball practice in Togo and Ivory Coast for young people from 6 to 20 years old.

    The Sporting Movement

    Supported by Bruce NDALA, Football Player

    Uses sporting practices as a tool for development projects launched by NGOs.

    Maison Munz

    Supported by Alexandre Munz, Principal Ballet Dancer

    Developing SAFE® products, training entirely conceptualized with a three-dimensional spine core-concept.

    Tibu Maroc

    Supported by Mohamed Amine ZARIAT, Basketball Player

    Development of the "More than a game" program, wich aims at training the next generation of basketball players and young moroccan leaders.


    Supported by Louise HART, Professional Rower

    Creates tools helping you to anticipate and prepare your retirement.

    Fight for Dignity

    Supported by Laurence FISCHER, Professional Karateka

    Organization supporting women victims of violence through the practice of combat sports, including women victims of rape in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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