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    Located in the heart of Paris, the Sport Social Business Lab

    promotes collaboration to foster innovation

    Why Choose us?

    • Enjoy a coworking space in a beautiful fully equipped location
    • Participate to our trainings by experts from our network
    • You will be provided with tailor-made counseling and experience from our mentors 
    • Join Impact Network, the first global network of green and social startups, present in 19 countries and gathering 500 startups
    • Connect with Le Comptoir de l'Innovation,  the leading impact investing fund
    • Last but not least: the whole program will be free of charge for our sporty entrepreneurs !


    To provide the best support for our startups , The Sport Social Business Lab, closely works with Le Tremplin, the leading global incubator dedicated to sports, created in 2015 by Paris City Hall












    Muhammad YUNUS

    Peace Nobel Prize



    Paris 2024 Athletes Committee Co-President, 2x Olympic champion


    Professional boxer, co-olympic champion, entrepreneur


    Paris 2024 Committee Co-President,

    3x Olympic champion

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